I like to travel abroad so I can taste extraordinary but I would like to i...

I like to travel abroad so I can taste extraordinary but I would like to inform you that I do not want to go abroad this time. The place is in Las Vegas. Although it is a story of the past ten years ago, I went to a group on a company study tour. At night I went to the pub with everyone, but what a bitterclaw it was now. At first, since there were not many customers, the Japanese group was only us and the local locals were not quite so easy. I noticed it later, but I ran out of the pub there and managed to run all the way to the hotel and ran. So there was a telephone so I dialed the police many times to help the police to the police. Because some of them seemed like bouncy bouncers towards our group, they might have been honestly honest. And it may have been the biggest crisis in life. That's why I talked about English with crazy attitude. As expected the police patrol car came to help immediately. Oh, I thought for a moment, but the local police person does not intervene in civil affairs, so we do not do anything, is this the same as Japan? In summary, we are totally dropped, this story will end with no doubt having taught a bar that you can not want to ride in a taxi driver and drinking at the bar there until the morning. I wish I had been to a safe bar from the beginning. For that reason traveling in Las Vegas could be a fault.

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