The overseas travel destination I thought that I would not like to go anym...

The overseas travel destination I thought that I would not like to go anymore is New Jersey, USA. I still love the United States itself, and I think that New Jersey itself is a nice town if you do sightseeing, I am unconventional? Maybe I could not have enjoyed it because I did it. When I was a student, two of my friends and I went to New York. Although there are lots of sights in New York, we extended our legs with a long distance bus and headed to Camden, New Jersey, about 2 hours from New York. Although imagining a beautiful and cute city ""Camden"", I took a bus with my heart breasted, but the long distance bus itself is not very secure, the interior of the car is also safe ・ cleanliness where the train stops in the middle is never It was a feeling I could not say. Having a big baggage, but not a tourist, staring at a passenger with a meaningful feeling, getting nervous and getting off at Camden. When I got off, there was an atmosphere of poor security. The city is full of garbage. The blood was alive on the road ... everyone who goes on the streets hit us that is a Japanese. I was talking with my friends, ""Would you like to see Japanese for the first time?"", I think now, I think that the tourists were apparently floating at the stop. That time we did not notice yet. Meal at McDonald's nearby. The clerk is also bad feeling, everyone's stupid. The toilet is also dirty at its worst, but the inside of the store is dirty before that. I remember I did not feel like eating. I wanted to see the street that I wanted at Camden, but even if I heard it at the drugstore, even if I asked the people who traveled, ""I do not know that"". After all, we wandered around the city with many graffiti without anyone else seeing it. There were not too many car streets. Only the local bus where no one was riding was coming and going. Among them, the manager of the local bus driver caught up next to us and asked, ""Did you get lost?"" I heard about the street as if the driver of the bus would understand, but after all I do not know ""I do not know."" And further, ""This neighborhood is dangerous, so it was better to return as soon as there is no use"". From there. It was suddenly scared. I am afraid that I do not know ... I returned to the bus stop returning to New York in a hurry and waited for a bus, but since I did not arrive on time I always waited at that dirty stop. While I was waiting, I was talked to a suspicious person and I was really nervous. When the bus came in, the tension thread broke and tears came out. From this experience, when I go to the first place I am keenly aware that I have to investigate both safety and destination well. It was the most terrible experience abroad ever. I do not want to go here again.

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