It will be a long story and I think that it is quite different now in the ...

It will be a long story and I think that it is quite different now in the Olympic Games and economic growth, but I think that there is nothing to go to China anymore. I went to Shanghai and Suzhou, but there are plenty of wonderful things such as buildings that feel exoticism in Shanghai and the garden of Suzhou, and I do not dislike China at all, but feeling the air I can not adapt by all means It was. Traveling at home and abroad visit domestically and abroad, but China may be due to group behavior. In Europe, in the urban area and the rural area, as if you thought of what you thought of, you strolled around, sitting idly where you went and carefully watching people, refreshing the nerves you normally use and refreshing can. Wandering around the city during the day may be the most fun when traveling abroad. But when I visited China I did not want to go outside unless necessary. I did not see it in dangerous eyes, and I think that I was relieved because it was rather a group action. I wonder if the form of travel did not suit after all. Also, it may be because the meal did not suit me. In my case, the oil was useless. Now it seems quite easy to travel in China, there are also many tourists, so it may be fun to go if you go. But once I feel that I feel uncomfortable it will not bother me to visit again. There are towns and countries that I would like to visit again and again .... A long time ago I visited, my friend went to Shanghai for a trip. In the words ""I was very good, I would like to go again"", I thought that the way people feel each way and that there is timing as well. I guess it was a bad guess. It is a really old story, but I am still sorry.

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